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... one of the largest stockists in the field of 2nd choice stainless steel.

On an area of about 3000 sqm we stock on average about 2000 tons of mainly 2nd choice stainless steel sheets in stainless as well as in acid and heat resistant materials.

What can we do for them?

Stainless steel sheets as special items in 1st and 2nd choice

Stainless steel sheets as special items in 1st and 2nd choice

in most cases, sheets or coils have only slight surface defects, such as: scratches. Often a 2nd choice sheet is not distinguishable from the 1st choice sheet.

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Coils and residual slit strips

Coils and residual slit strips

Also in the 1st choice we are through international contacts to the plants and service companies, a powerful partner.

angles  – flat steel  – round steel in all usual materials and dimensions.

angles – flat steel – round steel in all usual materials and dimensions.

We deal in pipes, angles, flat steels, round steels, etc.

In all common materials and dimensions.

What’s meant by 2nd Choice?

The goods at our stock are mainly factory downgraded, but they still meet the requirements of the material, strength, dimensions and manufacturing needs.

In most cases the sheets or coils only have slight surface defects, such as scratches or rows. In individual cases, tensions, edge damages, dents and / or polished surfaces are possible.

Often the material is visually barely distinguishable from 1st choice.

Basically 2nd choice is especially suitable for subordinate purposes, so wherever no flawless surface (eg: for visible parts ) is required.

Our qualified storekeepers check the goods quite after receiving with a mobile X-ray fluorescence device.

Some packets are attested with an inspection certificate DIN 50049/3 1B. Exactly information’s can be found in our stock list.

If you have got any questions regarding to our company, prices or anything else, please feel free to contact us. If you are unsure concerning to the state of goods, we can also send pictures via E-mail.

Take advantage of attractive price differentials compared for prime choice.

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With us you get unique pieces! No matter if 1st choice or 2nd choice.

– Stainless steel sheets as special items in 1st and 2nd choice
– Coils and remnant slit strips
– Tubes, angles, flat steel, round steel etc.

Lucrative price advantage compared to 1st choice

Large warehouse

Fast processing

Experienced, dynamic and friendly team

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28 years of experience meet inspiration and professionalism

Giving the best every day… Satisfy customers… Ready for something new. This is my inspiration, this is our inspiration.

Wolfgang Petig– CEO


Stainless steel is our passion...

No matter if 1st choice or 2nd choice…no open questions, no empty promises. That’s what our customers rely on – that’s what you can rely on!

Simply anyone can...

We look forward to any challenge! Then in our opinion, there is already too much that no longer touches you.

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Every year we finish more than 200+ projects

Numbers are also something to be proud of! 
We look back on many great years with varied projects.

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